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          Busy swim hardly three ourselves

          66. Fathers day is on the __________Sunday in June.

          67. The traffic during the rush hour is much __________than usual

          68. We must learn to look after __________ when we are alone at home.

          69. _________is good or our healh.

          70. When I got to the op of the high mountain,I could__________walk any more.

          答案:66.third/3rd 67.busier 68.ourselves 69. Swimming 70.hardly


          much , arm , wait, see, when , spend, she, worry , have , grow

          Only Mother Love is true love. It gives everybody everything all his life. __71__you are still a baby, mother takes good care of you as much as possible . In your waking hours she always holds you in her 72. When you are ill, she stops her work right now to look after you day and night and forgets about 73 . When you are 74 up day by day, she feels very happy. When you are old enough to go to school, mother still looks after you all the time. On cold winter days, she always tells you to put on 75 clothes . She always stands in the wind 76 for you back from school. When you hurry to leave home for school with little breakfast, she always feels 77 about you at home. She usually knows about your study and 78 much money on your school things. When you do well at school, the brightest smile will be 79 on her face.

          Mother is always ready to give everything she 80 to her children, not to receive . What true love that is in the world! We will remember Mother Love for ever.

          答案:71-80 When , arms , hersef , growing , more , waiting , worried , spends , seen , has



          A.we have many rules at school.

          B. ( 1 )do we .For example ,we have to ( 2 )school uniforms every school day .

          A.We usually do,too.We are not allowed to play soccer at school because we dont have a soccer field

          B.Oh,we are lukier than you.We have a big soccer field but we can only ( 3 )it in P.E.

          A.our teachers are very ( 4 )to us but sometimes they are strict.I think its good for us.

          B.I ( 5 )with you.Ill miss them when I graduate.

          答案:1. So 2. wear 3. use 4. kindMniceMfriendlyMgood 5. agree

          (B)Complete the dialogue with proper words or sentences.

          A: Whose basketball is this?

          B: (56) ______________________. Look, heres his name Ted on it. Lets go and find him.

          A: Im afraid he cant come to school today.

          B: (57) ____________________________________?

          A: He was hurt by a crazy person on the way to school and now hes in hospital.

          B: (58) ____________________________________. From his lesson, we get to know the importance of self - preservation (自我保護) . Do you think so?

          A: Absolutely. Its necessary for our school students to keep safe. (59) ____________________________________? Hell be happy to see us.

          B: OK. When and where are we meeting?

          A: At 5 oclock this afternoon outside the school gate.

          B: All right. (60) ____________________________________.

          A: See you.


          56.It must be Teds.

          57. Whats up?/ Whats the matter?/ Whats wrong?/ What happened?

          58. Im sorry to hear that.

          59.What/How about going to see him?/Shall we go to see him?/Why not go to see him?/Why dont we go to see him?

          60. See you (then).



          Peter: Hi, Sally. Come and have a look at my photos.

          Sally: Are these the photos you took in Africa, Peter?

          Peter: 41 Look, this is a wildebeest. Its an animal in Africa.

          Sally: 42

          Peter: No, it doesnt. It only eats grass.

          Sally: Are there a lot of animals in Africa?

          Peter: 43

          Sally: Oh, this photo looks interesting. What are you doing there?

          Peter: 44

          Sally: Did you have a good time there?

          Peter: Of course. 45

          A.Yes, there are many.

          B.Yes, they are.

          C.I really enjoyed myself.

          D.Does it eat meat?

          E.I am riding the elephant.


          (2010湖北省黃石市,Ⅹ,5) 情景交際,從A-G選項中選出能填入空白處的最佳選項,補全對話(有兩項多余)。

          (A policeman is asking Bobsomething about a traffic accident P is for Policeman . B is for Bob.)

          P: Excuse me , sir , Were you just right there when the accident happened ?

          B: Yes , 81 Isaw it all .

          P: 82

          B: Certainly . It was a big blue ear . The driver and another four people were in it . Im sure it wasnt s fapsnese car .

          P: Say something about the driver , please .

          B: Oh , yer . 83 And he was a tall man with dark hair and dark glasses .

          P: 84

          B: Yes , it was terrihle . The he was a tall man with dark hair and dark glasses .

          P: 85

          B: Sorry , I didnt .

          A. He was in blue . B. Did you notice the car number ?

          C. Can you say something about the car ? D. I was right there .

          E. Who saw it ? F. What else ?

          G. Can you tell me something more ?




          短文填空是近年才創設的一種新題型。這種題型為:給出一篇難易適中的短文,中間去掉10個單詞,同時在一個方框內給出10至12個單詞,① 讓考生根據短文的內容,確定詞義②用方框中所給詞的適當形式填空,確定詞性和詞形變化,把這些單詞填入空白處,使文章正確、通順。




          1。在拿到題目后,不要急于看文章,首先對備選的詞匯研究幾遍,對詞性作簡單的標記,例如:名詞―n。,動詞―v。,形容詞―a。,副詞―ad。 等等。同時對詞義作初步的理解。


          3。在選定單詞后,不要輕率地填入。在填詞過程中,需要瞻前顧后,既要符合本句的含義,又要保證句式結構的正確。當你選定一個名詞時,要考慮是否要把它變成復數或“所有格”形式。例如:match―matches, friend―friend‘s/friends’。其他還要考慮名詞是否需要變成形容詞,例如:sun―sunny, use―useful/useless/used, danger―dangerous;在遇到動詞時,要有意識地去考慮時態和語態的變化以及非謂語動詞形式的變化(動詞不定式― to do, 現在分詞―doing, 過去分詞―done, 固定搭配―enjoy doing sth。/used to do sth。/have sth。 done…)。

          形容詞和副詞填空時要主動去判定是否需要變成比較級或最高級,還有它們之間的相互轉換以及形容詞變名詞的需求也需考慮,例如:interesting―more /the most interesting, happy―happily,happy ―happiness; 填入代詞時,需注意辨別主格、賓格、名詞性和形容詞性物主代詞或反身代詞的用法;數詞方面要注意基數詞和序數詞的變化以及分數和虛實數的用法,例如:three―third, 2/3―two thirds, one thousand/thousands of ;冠詞只需要在 a或an之間判別,如a girl/an old man; 當遇到介詞和連詞時,就更簡單,只要符合上下文邏輯或固定短語搭配,填入即可。為了方便記憶,試著記住下面的順口溜:空前空后要注意,“名詞”單復數要牢記,還有‘s 不能棄,“動詞”注意要變形,“形副”注意要用三種級,要填“數詞”請留意,千萬別忘 “基” 和“序”,填入“代詞”需慎重,五格變化要謹記。
















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